Oct 20

The Transhumanist Future of Sex

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Exoskeleton ‘hump suits’, cyborg sensation mods, and erotic mind implants—technology is about to change the way we have sex forever.
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The Futuristic Gadgets Running Today’s High-Tech Vineyards | WIRED

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Sure, the label on your Côtes du Rhinoceros suggests that the grapes were tended by craggy, distant-eyed, French-accented wine savants who nurture the earth, as did their fathers and their fathers’ fathers before them.
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Your Immortality

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You may not live forever, but you can live a longer, healthier and more fulfilled life, and at the same time make this world a little better place in which to live….
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Oct 19

NAAIJ | Automation: A look at exactly how robots will take your job.

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Qualcomm: Cars of the Future Will See Around Corners

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Imagine a future where cars are self-aware and can virtually detect other cars or even pedestrians around corners all in the name of safety. That’s exactly what the brilliant minds at Qualcomm hope to deliver in cars in the next few years.
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Autodesk Genetic Engineer is Able to 3D Print Viruses, Soon to Attack Cancer Cells

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Weaving his way through a virtually invisible and widely unknown world of microscopic cells and futuristic technology, Autodesk’s genetic engineer Andrew Hess
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Oct 18

Algocracy and other Problems with Big Data (Series Index)

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What kind of society are we creating? With the advent of the internet-of-things, advanced data-mining and predictive analytics, and improvements in artificial intelligence and automation, we are the verge of creating a global “neural network”: a…
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33rd Square | Artificial Intelligence On A Quantum Computer Demonstrated

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In a breakthrough study, researchers at the University of Science and Technology of China in Hefei have demonstrated machine learning on a quantum computer for the first time.
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New treatment uses altered blood cells to attack leukaemia

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Scientists have figured out how to reprogram the blood of cancer patients to attack their leukaemia, and 19 of the 30 patients remain in complet
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Amazing Graphics Show How Much Fruits Have Changed Since Humans Started Growing Them

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Ancient fruits looked and tasted nothing like what we eat today
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