Advances in Artificial Intelligence Will Let Software Extract Personal Data from Our Online Photos | MIT Technology Review

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Advances in machine vision will let employers, governments, and advertisers spot you in photos and know exactly what you’re doing in them.
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Driverless cars can hit UK roads in 2015 (Wired UK)

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We can expect driverless cars to hit public roads by January 2015, the UK government has indicated
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Will Virtual Reality ‘Jolting’ Be the Digital Drug of Choice?

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BitTorrent’s new sci-fi series ‘Children of the Machine’ depicts a future society where the drug of choice is intense virtual reality trips, dubbed “jolting.”
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The Uncanniest Valley: What Happens When Robots Know Us Better Than We Know Ourselves?

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The “uncanny valley” is a term coined by Japanese roboticist Mashahiro Mori in 1970 to describe the strange fact that, as robots become more
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SpaceX Admits It Wants To Colonise The Solar System

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Billionaire inventor Elon Musk’s private space company has admitted it has designs on colonising the Solar System within 100 years. SpaceX president Gwynne Shotwell said in a radio interview that the company wants to make the human race “mult…
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Heterogeneous carbon hosts enable stable lithium-sulfur battery

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Sulfur, in tremendous abundance as byproducts of petroleum industry, is one of the most intriguing solutions to address the energy dilemma by manifesting the chemistry between sulfur and lithium.
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Venus Express Survives Close Encounter With Hellish Atmosphere

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It was a daring maneuver, but the plan to put Venus Express lower in the planet’s thick atmosphere has worked.
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Robots helped inspire deep learning and might become its killer app

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Andrew Ng knows a lot about both deep learning and robotics, and he recently presented on how the former might affect the latter. Robot brains will need to train on a lot of data, and deep learning seems like a good way to do it.
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Can Winograd Schemas Replace Turing Test for Defining Human-Level AI? - IEEE Spectrum

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The Turing Test is a flawed metric for AI, and now we’ve got something better
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